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Laguna Beach Critter Sitter

New Client Packet

Thank you for choosing Laguna Beach Critter Sitter Dog


Please print one copy of the New Client Packet, and complete using a pen. This packet can be printed one-sided or two, in black & white or color.

The New Client Packet includes:

  • Legal Considerations (Sign and return)
  • Veterinary Instructions & Release (Fill in amount, sign and return)
  • Pet Information Form (Print one copy for each pet;, and return)
  • Service Request (Fill out and print one for each trip or service period, sign and return)
  • Permission to Administer Medication
  • Baked Goods Order Sheet

Have These Items Ready for the Initial Interview:

  • Your signed documents
  • A key and a garage door opener. We will provide a keychain and a code (no name or address will be put on your key)
  • A 2nd key that we can code with permanent ink (we can make this a complementary spare if you like).
  • Emergency contact information for yourself, and 2 other contacts
  • A list of items you plan to leave out during pet sitter visits (such as paper towels, medicines, etc)
  • Veterinary contact & medical information (allergies, conditions).

Download New Client Forms [.pdf]

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