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Rates & Services
*Ask about any additional services you might need*

Smooch-Daily Visits
-Clean water and food dish
-Clean the feeding area
-Replenish water and food
-Administer any necessary medication
-Potty break walks
-Clean any accidents that may have occurred
-Litter box cleaning for cats
-Playtime with your pet’s favorite toy
-Light brushing if they like to be brushed
-Collect mail and newspapers
-Light watering of indoor plants
-Trash can placed curbside on collection day
-Turn on lights to give your home a lived in look
-Lots of love and belly rubs a must!!

Cat Love and Care Visit 18.00 up to 3 cats per visit
Dog Love and Care Visit 20.00 up to 2 dogs per visit
15 minute walk for each dog additional 10.00

Meet and Greet Consultation Free
Key pick up and return 10.00 Free if keys are picked up at the meet and greet visit
Holiday Surcharge 10.00 for New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Visits are scheduled between 7 am and 7 pm

I will also care for your birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs etc. No snakes please I just can’t feed them any live food!

Dog walking Service Only
20 minute walk plus clean up 18.00

Waste Pick up Only
Call for pricing

Pooch Pajama Parties
Overnight visits starting at 65.00. Includes walks and lots of love.
Most hours 8pm and 7am

Accidentally lock yourself out of your home? I will come to your home and unlock your door if I have a key on file $15.00

Even if you are not leaving your home I can still be of service. Unusual working hours or illness may make it hard for you to care for your pets. Please call me and I will be happy to provide assistance.

Plant and Home Security Service
No Pets, but you have indoor plants that you want to be well taken are of. I can take care of your potted friends.
Watering of indoor plants
Light dusting and removal of dead leaves
Collection of mail and newspapers
Lights turned on and off
Shades opened and closed
Trash can placed curbside on collection day
15.00 Per visit

Pup-cakesMy love for animals also includes baking for them. I can treat your dog to vet approved all natural gourmet treats. Pup-cakes iced with carob and my Beg Worthy Banana Bites are my most popular items. Ask me to bring a sample to the meet and greet visit.


Is your pooch having a birthday? I can make the Birthday Prince or Princess a Bone shaped cake decorated with carob. The cakes are 9 inches and the dogs love them!
30.00 and includes a bone shaped candle and delivery to your home.

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