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Here are some suggestions on what to do before you leave:

  • Ensure that you leave me enough food, kitty litter, etc. for the time you will be away. To make sure your pet is not over or underfed a good option is to pre-bag each days food and store it in the microwave.
  • Leave out any medication your pet may require with detailed instructions. I will have my own form that I fill out at the meet and greet but you can never be too careful.
  • Let me know where you keep your dog’s leash, bowls and toys.
  • If you have a pet carrier please leave it out where it is easily accessible.
  • Make sure your pets ID tags are securely placed on them.
  • Let your vet know that you will be out of town and that I will be caring for your pets. I will go over this with you at our consultation.
  • Let me know if your pet has any health conditions that need to be watched like dry skin for example.
  • Inform me of any home items that are out of the ordinary like sinks that do not drain, toilets that overflow etc.
  • Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature for your pets.
  • If your dogs are going to be outdoors please make sure the yard is secure and any gates are locked.
  • I ask that you leave me a house key and a garage door opener. Keys have been known to break in doors and I would like another way to enter your home if need be.
  • If you rent please inform your landlord I will be taking care of your pets and give them my information incase of emergency.
  • If your house is alarmed please go over the codes with me. People forget this!
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